Why Choose RU2

As a good student athlete, you’re faced with a number of questions by the time you enter your Sophomore year:

  1. Do I want to continue playing my sport in college?
  2. Am I good enough to play my sport in college?
  3. What’s the recruiting process?
  4. What should I do and when?
  5. What’s the best way to get recruited?

Every student athlete and his/her parents ask these questions.  It’s normal and part of the process you have to go through in order to decide what role sports will play in your college career.  Since you only have one chance to do this right, you need a service that gives you the information and the tools necessary to get it done right.

RecruitU2 can’t help you decide if you want to play in college or if you’re good enough.  Only you can make the decision to play and only college coaches can determine if you’re good enough.  RecruitU2 can, however, explain the recruiting process, show you what to do, when to do it and give you the best tools to make it happen.

College coaches tell us that, on the average, they have to talk with and recruit as many as eighteen student athletes for every single position they are trying to fill.  With the number of athletes graduating and leaving the team each year, many coaches have to, literally, communicate with hundreds of athletes to fill 17, 18 or 19 positions.  To accomplish this they rely on what has worked for them in the past – focus on high schools that have supplied athletes to their college program in the past, attend tournaments, games and high school contests close to their college and rely on the recommendations of people they know and trust.  With so little time between the end and beginning of a new season, they don’t have the time to randomly visit web sites and view hundreds of profiles of athletes they have no relationship with.  They also don’t have to time or resources to send out random emails or mailings.  Instead, they focus on student athletes who are recommended to them or who show interest in their team and college.

To get recruited you need to break through.  You need to show coaches who you are – your athletic abilities, your academic abilities and your involvement in your school and community through extra-curricular activities.  You have to actively, directly and personally show interest in the coach, his/her team and the college.  You can’t post your profile or videos and hope a coach finds you.  It won’t happen.  If a coach hasn’t found you by your Sophomore year and notified your high school or club coach that he is interested in you and scouting you, you aren’t being recruited.

What RecruitU2 gives you, that no other web site or scouting service offers, are the tools to pro-actively market and promote yourself to every coach, at every college where you’re academically qualified for admission.  We help you build a profile, a cover letter, edit your videos, upload your videos, help you prepare for your ACT and/SAT exams, identify the colleges where you are most likely qualified for admission and we give you the ability to send your profile, video link and cover letter to all of these coaches personally, directly from your email address and with no mention of RU2 anywhere.  All of this as well as the ability to frequently update your profile and keep coaches informed of your new accomplishments – all for one low, fixed fee.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a company to scout you – college coaches will understand and recognize your talent from your profile and videos.  You don’t need to post your profile to multiple web sites – college coaches don’t go to those sites and certainly don’t sort through hundreds of profiles.  You don’t need to post your videos on video web sites – college coaches have even less time to sit and watch hundreds of videos.  What you need is to personally send your profile, cover letter and video links directly to coaches nationwide – the college coaches will decide if you’re a perfect fit for their program.

THAT is what RecruitU2 does for you.  Simple, straightforward, inexpensive and incredibly effective!